3d printer: Neither user friendly nor rocket science

A 3d printer is a new technology based machine which is the most wanted product for the innovators, engineers, even artist are looking to get one 3d printer in order to make their imagination not just in paintings but also in real object .  3d printers for sale  at all prices to suit all categories of users from students to professionals.
Many people might think that its very complicated to handle but its not, all you need is an high quality affordable (depends on your budget) 3d printer at your desktop connected to pc with some simple basic needs like; 
Autocad , Catia to draw your imagination or innovation.
Convert them into stl file.
Print them 
Looks easy isn’t it, but the proper calibration, temperature, plastic flow via nozzle plays an major role in getting high quality prints.
Here are some valuable reason why an innovator or engineer or anyone who can have 3D printer. 
Each 3d prints can be unique, different in size all in one 3d printer. 
You can have multi-color printed parts .
3d printed items could be more exorbitant to transform than normal mass-fabricated things.
It just amazing machine that can convert imagination into a real object.
3d printers are beyond the imagination, a gift to creators.
3d printer kit is highly recommended to whom wants to start career with 3d printing technology.